Profile sharing in Astrolab

Profile sharing in Astrolab

You can now share your OctoBot profiles with the community

Why sharing an OctoBot profile ?

In Octobot, your configuration is stored as a profile. A profile contains:

  • Your activated trading mode and evaluators alongside their configuration
  • Your traded pairs
  • The exchanges you are currently using (without authentication credentials)

Sharing your profile means sharing your current trading strategy configuration. Anyone using your profile will be able to trade in the exact same way as you do with your OctoBot.

How to share a profile ?

  1. Select and download it from your OctoBot Profile-sharing-from-octobot
  2. Login on Astrolab, go to Editor and Publish a new strategy Profile-sharing-astrolab-editor
  3. Enter your profile name, description and logo Profile-sharing-astrolab-publish
  4. Upload the profile as downloaded from your OctoBot Profile-sharing-astrolab-publish-profile
  5. Submit your profile to make it available to everyone on Astrolab

Note: For now, we are manually checking profiles, therefore there will be a short delay before your profile will be available to everyone on Astrolab.

How to use a profile from Astrolab ?

  1. Go yo the profile you want to use and click Subscribe Profile-sharing-astrolab-subscribe
  2. Now that you are subscribing to the profile, click Copy download url Profile-sharing-astrolab-copy
  3. From your OctoBot, click Import a profile Profile-sharing-from-octobot-import
  4. Paste the download url (that was copied from step 2) and click Import Profile-sharing-from-octobot-import-url
  5. The new profile is now available in your OctoBot Profile-sharing-from-octobot-importe

Next steps

Sharing profiles is the first step towards Astrolab as a platform where OctoBot users can share whole trading strategies. Profiles are merely strategy configurations and we will soon add the possibility to share whole strategies.

With Astrolab, you will be able to:

  • Use and share any strategy with our without sharing its code and configuration
  • Checkout past performances of available strategies
  • Create and use paid or free strategies that are made by the community: creators are incentivized to create strategies with the best results to earn money from paid subscribers that use the strategies

Join the beta

Sharing profiles will first be available on the beta Astrolab. To join the OctoBot beta program, have a look here

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