Introducing the new OctoBot cloud

Introducing the new OctoBot cloud

OctoBot cloud, a new way to profit from trading strategies

Why a new OctoBot cloud ?

At OctoBot, we realized that the current state of OctoBot is suitable for users with a technical background but is too complex for the majority of people.

The goal of OctoBot has always been to bring automated trading strategies to any crypto investor. This includes tech savvy users as well as all the others. Up until now, OctoBot failed to be usable by any crypto investor and the new OctoBot cloud is built for them.

While the full OctoBot is designed to create and customize strategies, the new OctoBot cloud makes it very easy to use those strategies

We are splitting OctoBot plans into 2 different kinds:

  1. Strategy based plans
  2. Full OctoBot plans

Choose a strategy, not a robot: strategy based plans

OctoBot can be complicated to use and setup, finding your suitable strategy can be even more difficult. That's why we make strategy based plans as simple and clear as possible

OctoBot, but simple

Ideally, when you want to use a strategy and not create one, you want to:

  1. Explore and compare available strategies
  2. Understand potential profits and risks of the strategy of your choice
  3. Apply this strategy on your exchange account

It shouldn't be more complicated than this. Making these steps as easy as possible is our goal with the Investor and Trader plans.

Therefore, using those plans, you don't need to care about your OctoBot, we are doing it for you. You just need to:

  1. Select the strategy of your choice strategies

  2. follow your gains directly from OctoBot cloud bot

Besides simplicity, making strategies financially accessible is also important to us. For this reason, we designed the Investor plan to be completely free and unlimited.

No cost, no monthly fees, it just works

At OctoBot, we believe that making a free plan will help a lot of people accessing automated trading strategies.

That's why the Investor plan enables everyone to simply use trading strategies for free.

This not a free trial: when you use a strategy with the Investor plan, we are not asking for your payment information, there is no monthly subscription fee, no % taken on gains, no hidden fees.

How is this possible ? When using the Investor plan, we rely on exchange partnerships to pay for our running costs. This means that as long as you use an exchange account from an OctoBot official partner, exchanges reward us and you are free to use the Investor plan forever.


The Trader plan on the other hand, besides other benefits, allows you to trade on exchanges we don't have a partnership with. This plan therefore requires a paid monthly subscription.

Transparency is key

Of couse, each strategy on OctoBot cloud is built, run and tested using OctoBot. This means that each strategy past performance is evaluated on a regular basis using historical data and OctoBot's backtesting engine. This ensures that displayed statistics are real as strategy based plans are also using OctoBot under the hood.


At OctoBot we believe in transparency. This means that sometimes strategies can turn unprofitable as profits depends on so many different factors including market conditions. If a strategy is not making profits during a given period, you will see it before using it.

In a nutshell

The new Investor and Trader plans allow you to enjoy trading strategies in a very easy yet powerful way. These plans allow you to benefit from OctoBot based strategies without the technicalities of OctoBot.

Learn more about the Investor and Trader plans from our new video showcasing the new OctoBot cloud:

Create your own strategy: full OctoBot plans

Today, OctoBot cloud enables you to run OctoBots on our cloud system and adds a few cloud-exclusive features such as the strategy designer, free trading view webhooks and ChatGPT integrations.

Those offers will now be explicitely targeting users who want to create or customize strategies.

The open source OctoBot

The current OctoBot (available on github) will stay open source, we will keep updating it as it is the backbone of everything on OctoBot cloud.

Each plan uses it and will help support the development of the free open source trading robot.

Basically nothing changed for the open source OctoBot, it will continue to grow and improve.

Beta phase

At the time of writing, the new OctoBot cloud is in beta stage. While the technical part is fully fonctionnal, we are working on the last user interface improvements before completely replacing the current

Feel free to use, experiment and give us your feedback on the new OctoBot cloud, we are looking forward to knowing what your think of it and our new strategy-based plans. Join us on the beta dedicated telegram channel here

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