Easily deploy your OctoBot in OctoBot Cloud

Easily deploy your OctoBot in OctoBot Cloud

You can now easily deploy your OctoBot directly in OctoBot Cloud

Your OctoBot, always online and reachable

The main benefit of hosting OctoBot in the cloud are that it will be remain online, no need to install OctoBot or have it running your computer anymore. Moreover, your Cloud OctoBots can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

This can be especially useful for traders who need to monitor their OctoBot from different locations or devices.

How to deploy your OctoBot on OctoBot Cloud ?

  1. Login on OctoBot Cloud and go to My bots. my-bots-button
  2. Click on Deploy now from the Discover card. deploy-now
  3. Wait until your OctoBot is available. This may take a few minutes. deploying
  4. Access your personal OctoBot using the Open Interface button. open-interface
  5. Unlock your OctoBot with your OctoBot Cloud account password. login
  6. Enjoy your OctoBot from anywhere.

Note: running a cloud OctoBot requires OctoBot Cloud credits. We will soon add ways to get those credits. Fow now please ask the OctoBot team if you need beta credits.

Join the beta

If you're interested in participating, be sure to follow any guidelines and instructions provided by the OctoBot team, and take the time to thoroughly test the application and provide useful feedback.

Cloud OctoBots will first be available on the beta OctoBot Cloud.

To participate in the beta testing of OctoBot's cloud hosting, you'll need to sign up to be a beta tester.

Once you've been accepted into the program, please follow these instructions to access the beta version of the application and any other necessary information.

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